Wedding Day of Rebecca & Liam

November 04, 2019

Rebecca & Liam Miniature Feature filmIt may have been a miserable day with the weather, but it was certainly beautiful for Rebecca and Liam, who were married at the stunning Canada Lodge and Lake yesterday. Congratulations to you both!
Here's a little preview of the day

The Wedding Day of Rebecca & Liam sure was a great day! The morning started out like a crisp autumn day. Sadly however, it was known there was going to be a dark cloud heading our way for the majority of the day. Packing up in the morning, drawing the blinds I saw I had a chance to get down to Canada Lodge early and catch some of the suns rays with our Inspire drone. It was a very frantic few moments as I did slip in the boggy mud heading down. Nobody had noticed or had seen I'd slipped (Think I saved the embarrassment).

During the morning I had met both Rebecca & Liam who are both amazing, down to earth people. They were both friendly and cooperative in making sure it was both an amazing day for each other and myself. For a debut Wedding Videography session I couldn't ask for a better family to be filming their special day. I was also spoilt to some AMAZING welsh cakes which were offered to me often so I couldn't resist.

As the rain set in we didn't let it dampen our spirits and the party crowd were all hyped for the Wedding ceremony and to see Rebecca walk down that aisle with her proud father. With the guests all settled in and the nice warm fire warming up mine and the photographers backs, our trigger fingers were at the ready to welcome the bridal party to greet the emotional groom Liam who was eagerly waiting at the front for Rebecca to arrive.

As everyone cheered for the newly weds they came back down the aisle as husband and wife and ready to celebrate the night away!

Filming everyones happiness and congratulations for the married couple was spaced out for a few hours as well as meeting one of the family cats, Fudge, who holds a big resemblance to my own cat Zorro. Fudge came in as a local celebrity to the guests having some photos, well deserved head scratches and an all round good fuss from everyone before heading back home. Once the excitement of Fudge was over we progressed with a few family portraits and then sneaking the couple off for five minutes to get a few shots with just them for their photographers, Chris Andrews, album.

Before all the guests were lead to the downstairs dining room of Canada Lodge & Lake, we had the opportunity to take a few shots of the details and trimmings that Rebecca & her family had worked so hard on to create for everyone. Eventually everyone was guided in for the Wedding Breakfast, which the bride and groom also kindly supplied for myself and Chris. I had my first turkey dinner of the year which I loved and set me right in ready for Christmas. Once the I had recovered from the meat sweats and my microphones were loaded and ready to go, we headed down to mic up the spooked hesitent speakers for the Wedding speeches.


As the sun set and the moon was high everyone was ready to get their party shoes on. Coverland had the music booming and the drinks were flowing for the rest of the night. The band had a great set up of lights, paired with a starlight dance floor which made Rebecca & Liam's first dance perfect for us fellow Photographers & Videographers to photograph and film. As they both danced the night away I filmed a lady breakdancing and a bunch of kids busting out some great dance moves that even made the adults jaws drop.

Overall I had an amazing day and it was a privilege to be working with Rebecca & Liam on filming their special day. Thank you both for the good times and picking Mellow Photography for your Videography. I'm positive you'll br thrilled when receiving your full feature film where we have captured all the special, fun and emotional moments that will forever be held with you both and generations to come.


Thank you.

Stuart Jackson - Videographer

Mellow Photography.

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